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Tara Westover
Paperback | Feb 2018
in store $22.99
How To Stop Time
Matt Haig
Paperback | Feb 2018
in store (used) $11.50
in store (regular) $22.99
The Women in the Castle
Jessica Shattuck
Paperback | Jan 2018
in store $21.00
The Rule of Luck
Catherine Cerveny
Paperback | Nov 2017
in store $19.49
The Woman in the Window
A J Finn
Paperback | Jan 2018
in store $24.99
The Halifax Explosion
Ken Cuthbertson
Hardcover | Nov 2017
in store $34.99
Andrew Grant
Hardcover | Aug 2017
in store $40.00
Armand Baltazar
Hardcover | Oct 2017
in store $24.99
The Inner Life of Animals
Peter Wohlleben
Hardcover | Oct 2017
in store $29.95
Seven Fallen Feathers
Tanya Talaga
Paperback | Sep 2017
in store $22.95

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The Globe and Mail Book Review: weekend edition!


The below books are featured in the G&M's weekend edition with reviews, author profiles and interviews. (See also: "Book reviews" and "Books & Media")  


 The CBC Canada Reads 2018

What do a tornado hunter, an actor, a fashion icon, a TV host, and a singer have in common? They're the panellists for Canada Reads 2018.

Over four days, the five defenders will bring their diverse perspectives to this year's theme:
 One Book to Open Your Eyes.

The contenders and their chosen books are: 


The debates will take place March 26-29, 2018, and will be broadcast on CBC Radio OneCBC and online at

Limited Quantities for the Local History Buff
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Jack Wright is a veteran detective with a tragic past, an uncertain future, and a passion for solving puzzles. As a member of the Toronto Police Service Hold-Up Squad, Jack is tired of always having to clean up after the fact. When the blueprints of a robbery that has yet to take place land on his desk, there's only one problem...he can't read a word of them. The details of the heist are contained on a computer hard drive, protected by an unbreakable security code, seized in an explosive police raid on a suspected gunrunner.

Katherine Sharpe, beautiful, brilliant and ambitious, is the head of a cutting-edge computer research firm on the verge of introducing an earth-shattering technological breakthrough, something she’s been working on her whole adult life. But Theodore Sumner, the Chairman of the Board and her nemesis at ComTech, has other ideas. When he threatens to bring her dreams crashing down around her, Katherine sets in motion a plan to stop him that quickly spirals out of control. Now, as their worlds collide, Jack has to rely on two unlikely partners, old-fashioned legwork, and the ability of a thirteen-year-old hacker to help help him solve the most difficult puzzle of his life... before Katherine’s Plan destroys them all.

Hard Drive, a fast-paced thrill ride through the world of high-tech espionage, asks a very basic question: What would you do to make your dreams come true? If you said, “I’d kill for that!”, you’re not alone.

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